We are new tenants in a home where the previous tenants had dogs. Needless to say, we were in need of Lava Steemer's services for all the tiled areas. This included 2 full bathrooms, a half bathroom and our full tiled entryway.
I had tried mopping and scrubbing and nothing I could do would touch the odor.
Thankfully, Obada from Lava Steemer was available to help!
He was kind, professional, extremely thorough, and very knowledgable. He even pointed out other areas of the home that might be holding the smell/soil/hair and increasing our allergies, recommending other services that his company had available that could help as well; and where to focus my continued extra thorough cleaning.
I'm sitting here just after he left, and I finally feel like I can take a full breath of clean and fresh air in our home! Amazing job Obada! Thank you so much for your help!

Covid note: He kept his mask on and wore gloves and kept safe distance when explaining things. I felt comfortable with him performing services in our home, during this time.

Cherish E.
San Francisco, CA

The technician was on time, wearing mask for COVID-19. He is courteous and professional. My entrainment room was large, and he counted it as 3 rooms, which is OK. The carpet looks very clean after he finished the job.
Hope to get a special pricing for the entire house next time
Hong Y.
Pleasanton, CA

This review is specifically for Obada and his marble tile and grout cleaning. I started watching too many DIY videos and attempted to clean our kitchen grout ourselves. Seeing how much junk was coming out and how I barely made a dent in the cleanliness of the floor, I decided it was time to hire a professional. I was able to make an appointment for the following day and was SO pleased with the service. Obada was QUICK! And efficient. He followed all safety protocols wearing a mask and gloves throughout the cleaning process. Additionally, he kept me updated with the progress of the floor showing me the progression as he was cleaning. He also did my entry way marble and our bathroom. For those of you who are clean freaks like me, he showed me the water after the cleaning and I was mind blown at how BLACK the water was after cleaning my floors. I clean religiously and it was eye opening to see how much I miss or cannot get out with normal cleaners.

I didn't do my carpets but very tempted to do that next. Thank you Obada! You're an incredibly hard working technician and I appreciate your work
Ankita T.
Redwood City, CA

I had a sofa, oversized chair and ottoman cleaned by Opoda. He did a wonderful, very thorough job. My couches are like new! I highly recommend Lava Steemer. I will call them again when I need my carpets shampooed
Valerie V.
San Jose, CA